Gareth Jones started his professional artistic career at the age of fourteen, supplying cartoon illustrations for national environmental magazines. This early introduction into the world of publishing and printing was to continue, and over the years Gareth has been a published illustrator, photographer, book designer, writer and owner of a publishing business. His interest in printing and illustration drew him to etching in the early nineties. Studying this fine art printing method under the tutorage of Lawrence Jenkins, a technician at the Royal Academy, his technique developed until he was ready to run his own studio. Etching’s line and tone effects achieved through hard grounds and aquatints were a perfect vehicle to illustrate Gareth’s love of motorcycles. The motorcycle series of etchings took a few years to complete and has sold throughout the world. This was widely covered in the motorcycle press from the US, Japan and throughout Europe. With his motorcycle series finished Gareth turned his attention to oil painting and portraiture in particular. Although a painter for many years, a chance commission from a friend prompted the start of many portraits, with a wide variety of sitters. Gareth now combines his time between painting portraits and producing non commissioned work.


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